Stage Dive Legend.




so i’ve been up to a bit of this and that lately.

Anguish managed to piece together our full Pre Production EP which can be heard here but only for a limited time.

It includes 6 brand new full tracks and an intro track. We’re very happy with the way these songs have come out and expect us to be smashing them live.

We also got the pleasure to support Confession again on their recent tassie tour which was amazing, they’re a bunch of great dudes and we had the best time, we also played a fuckload better this time around and didnt embarass ourselves ha.

We’ve also been given the chance to supports one of my old favourite bands Abandon All Hope, i loved these guys a couple of years back and saw them kuve a couple of times, i’m sure my love for them will come back again and this show will be fun as we will be the most suited band to their genre.

We printed a few shirts lately and we manged to sell our first batch of 50 shirts pretty fast so we got another batch done, if you’re interested you can purchase here

As far as life goes, its pretty chill, very happy with my lovely girlfriend Michelle, just cruising at my casual job, still house hunting and looking around for better jobs, just taking it easy and enjoying every part of every day.

Thats my rant for the day, hope its worth listening to.

boats and hoes.


last night was a great night, filled with mates, chills, laughs, breakdowns and no pants.

was awesome to have a night with no drama, no unwanted visitors and no cops.

so finally all guitars are tracked for the pre-production of our upcoming ep. sounding tough as fuck, just gotta do a couple of bass tracks then its finalising vocals and then mixing.

we decided to ditch a few songs that were written because they just didnt fit the overall sound of the ep. they might pop up later but not too sure.

once the pre-production is fully mixed we’ll be giving out a few copies to a select few people, no one else will get a copy and they’ll not be for sale. we’ll then be looking for a studio to record these songs hopefully making them sound 100x tougher.

most of these songs will be played live at our upcoming shows.

new gear.


so i bought myself a new splash cymbal today, its a kahzan tribal series 10″, sounds very nice and its a lovely addition to my setup.

i am also in the means of getting myself a new ride cymbal and some new kicks. i’m hell keen and can see myself practicing alot more, hopefully making the drumming in the new upcoming Anguish songs a lot more technical and fun, trying out new beats and what not.





its been a very long time since i have updated this and i’ll make a goal to update it more often.

for those that dont know i’m now back living with my mum temporarily as the lease on my unit ran out, i’m now looking at renting a house and just waiting for a few things before i sort it all out.

i’m also now a checkout chick at the local reject shop, i dont mind, its amusing, and it pays. working at encore didnt seem to go alright as after 3 days work i never got a call back and i heard from a source i actually got fired without notice due to a “personality disagreement”.

anguish has been going great, pumping out new tracks, recording pre production for our upcoming ep, our new track can be heard at and we also have a new video on

after winning the local tulip festival we’ve put in all our earnings to finally bring out some merch, this will be ready within a few weeks.